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IAM Prague: company IAMPrague s.r.o., ID-No: 28933621, with registered seat in Kodaňská 549/21, Vršovice, 101 00 Praha 10, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 154050, which is the company responsible for the management and operation of the museum as well as for the operation of the e-shop

Museum space: Old Town Square 480/24, 100 00 Prague 1 – Old Town, including the gift shop, interior courtyard, restaurant and the garden area directly in front of the building.

E-shop: the internet shop available on the website, offering online sale of online virtual tours of the Museum space

Visitor: anyone entering the museum space to visit an exhibition and/or attend an event.

Consumer: anyone using the IAM Prague website, relevant subdomains, and other online applications, the online ticket shop, the e-shop, restaurant, the gift shop or the IAM Prague application.

Museum staff: anyone representing the museum and who is identifiable as such.







Article 2.1.1

IAM Prague publishes admission prices through its proprietary channels, on the website, by the entrance to the museum and through direct communications. The prices listed here are subject to change. IAM Prague cannot be held responsible for the (incorrect) publication of admission prices by third parties.

Article 2.1.2

Admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance, on the website (via GOOUT) or from one of the museum’s licensed resellers.

Article 2.1.3

A visitor will be eligible for a discounted admission fee if they meet the applicable conditions. Museum staff may ask for proof of ID for the discounted admission fee. If the visitor cannot produce a proof of ID or the proof of ID is not valid, the visitor will be charged the regular admission price.

Article 2.1.4

A visitor who has purchased an admission ticket will not be entitled to a refund or any kind of compensation in case of loss or theft of the ticket. Once an admission ticket has been purchased, it cannot be exchanged.




Article 2.2.1

IAM Prague publishes its opening hours through its proprietary channels, on the website, by the entrance to the museum and through direct communications. The Museum reserves the right to change previously published opening hours without visitors being entitled to a refund of the price paid for their admission ticket. The Museum cannot be held responsible for the (incorrect) publication of opening hours by third parties.

Article 2.2.2

Part of the museum space may be closed to visitors on certain occasions. Such will not entitle visitors to a refund of the admission price. When a substantial part of the museum space is closed to visitors, there will be a notice on the website and by the entrance, and a reduced admission fee will apply or another kind of compensation will be offered.




Article 2.3.1

Visitors must conduct themselves in the museum space in compliance with the standards of public order and with these regulations, while always abiding by the instructions of museum staff. Failing that, visitors may be denied access without being entitled to a refund of the admission fee or other costs incurred.

Article 2.3.2

Parents or supervisors of under-age children, either in organized groups or not, are responsible for the children’s behavior.

Article 2.3.3

IAM Prague does not offer storage for strollers, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, etc. There is limited space available outside the museum to park such items. Visitors must check with museum staff first before parking strollers, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, etc. outside. The Museum does not accept responsibility for damage or loss or theft of goods left by visitors.

Article 2.3.4

The museum space can be accessed with small rucksacks or handbags, provided these are hand-carried or worn on the front. The Museum does not accept responsibility for damage to or loss or theft of goods left by visitors.

Article 2.3.5

Museum staff may ask to inspect a visitor’s bag for security reasons.

Article 2.3.6

Smoking, eating or drinking is not permitted in the museum space, except for the restaurant and in the outside area.

Article 2.3.7

Pets are not permitted, except for official guide dogs.

Article 2.3.8

Visitors are liable for any damage caused by them.

Article 2.3.9

Visitors are allowed to take pictures or shoot video




Article 2.4.1

Visitors enter the museum space at their own risk. IAM Prague can only be held liable for injury to a visitor or loss or damage to the properties of a visitor if caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of The Museum. Damage or injury will be covered up to the amount for which The Museum is insured or should in all reasonableness be insured. Possible compensation can never exceed the loss determined by IAM Prague’s insurer. IAMPrague can never be held liable for indirect losses or damage.

Article 2.4.2

Shortcomings caused by force majeure can never be attributed to IAM Prague and will never lead to entitlement to a refund or compensation. Force majeure is a suspensive or resolutive condition for these general terms and conditions.




Article 2.5.1

Consumers can purchase products at the museum store. Products displayed are sold at the indicated price, which includes VAT.

Article 2.5.2

Items purchased at the museum store can be exchanged by returning the product to the store in person with the receipt within fourteen (14) days. Returns are accepted only on account of production or sales faults. The consumer will then receive a non-faulty version of the same product. If the product in question is no longer available, the purchase price will be refunded.





Article 3.1.1

IAMPrague advertises sale of Services on the E-shop, specifically virtual tours of the Museum space. The virtual tours allow the Consumer to view featured art installations and Museum premises. Free promotional virtual tours are available for the Consumers to sample and help them choose the right service before purchasing the paid virtual tour. All the Services advertised on the E-shop are for informational purposes only and IAMPrague is not obliged to enter into the agreement on purchase of the services.

Article 3.1.2

The paid service can be acquired by a purchase agreement concluded between IAMPrague and the Consumer based on the order of the Consumer and Acceptance by IAMPrague. The order takes place in the E-shop by filling out the order form which does not require registration. After choosing the desired virtual tour(s), the Consumer fills in his name, e-mail address, and date of birth and submits the order by clicking on the “Buy now” icon.

Article 3.1.3

The payment for the services is possible using the electronic transfer of funds via the Adyen payment system. Filling in your debit card information might be necessary. The payment for the service happens instantly.

Article 3.1.4

Within a few minutes after the payment for the service, the access code for the chosen service is delivered to the consumer’s e-mail address alongside with the order confirmation and the purchase receipt. Based on the access code, the Consumer can instantly view the virtual tour. The viewing can be repeated but is limited to the device from which the order was placed.




Article 3.2.1

The Consumer can cancel his order until the moment of delivery of the e-mail containing order confirmation, receipt and service access code. The cancellation must be sent to IAMPrague prior to the delivery of the e-mail containing order confirmation to the e-mail address In such case, any payment paid to IAMPrague concerning the cancelled order will be returned to the Consumer in full.

Article 3.2.2

The Consumer cannot withdraw from the purchase contract, as the subject of the contract is a “digital content not handed oved on a material carrier”. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Consumer expressly agrees that the service will be delivered before the lapse of the lawful withdrawal period of 14 days.

Article 3.2.3

In case the Consumer is unsatisfied with the provided service, it is possible to file a complaint with IAMPrague, stating specific reasons for the dissatisfaction as well as stating the desired form of remedy. The complaint will be processed by IAMPrague within the period of 30 days.





Article 4.1

There is CCTV video surveillance throughout the Museum space. Video footage will be stored in line with legal provisions and, whenever required, shared with the law enforcement agencies.

Article 4.2

The Museum reserves the right to take photos and shoot video in the Museum space to use for publicity purposes. Visitors who object to appearing in such photos and video can let IAM Prague know, and IAM Prague will then endeavor to prevent publication of any photos and video featuring the visitor in question. If you want to do so, please contact us at

Article 4.3

IAM Prague uses cookies to facilitate the use of our website and to compile a profile of consumers’ online behavior. For this, IAM Prague uses a service provided by Google, which may share the information with third parties if legally required to do so or to the extent that third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Data collected (e.g. IP address, date and time of your visit, your operating system and browser, language settings) will by anonymized, which means that it will not be linked to names, addresses, email addresses, etc. The consumer has the right to request access to the data and have it rectified or erased. If you want to do so, please contact us at You can also access your browser settings to customize what cookies can be stored in your computer, or completely disable storing of cookies. Please be aware that by doing so you may cause some websites, including ours, to function improperly.

Article 4.4

Consumers can purchase admission tickets on the tickets page on the website (via GOOUT) as well as purchase virtual tours thought the E-shop on the website. For this purpose, we might ask you to submit your personal data such as name, date of birth, your e-mail address, your bank card details. The personal data needed for purchasing tickets online are requested during the ordering process and stored in a database operated by third party (GOOUT). The personal data needed for the purchase of the virtual tours are acquired and used solely for the purpose of concluding the purchase contract and stored by IAMPrague. All data is fully protected from misuse and accessed only by a limited number of persons. The consumer has the right to access the personal data, have the personal data rectified or have the personal data erased by submitting a request to that effect. If you want to do so, please contact us at Please note, that our company does not have access and does not hold or store the details of payment cards used by you during the process of purchase. The details of your payment cards are only available to the secure payment gateway Adyen and the relevant bank.





These general terms and conditions and the activities are subject to Czech law.